Common Nationalites of escorts

There are thousands of ethnic groups worldwide, within each and every country. With their also being a large amount of nationalities too. We often get asked the question of “what are the most common nationalities of escorts?” here and have done some extensive research to uncover what the answer to that question is. 

Ladies of certain nationalities seem to be more prone to becoming escorts than others. Most of the time being down to culture or the lack of wealth within the country, for example. For this reason, we had to do a little more digging than just seeing what the most common nationalities were overall and assuming it would be the same for those who are escorts.

There are a large number of Rotherham escorts that can speak more than one language. This is because the area has seen mass immagration for over 20 years. So many of the young girls now working as an escort in Rotherham. Have parents that where not native English speakers. Its very good for business man to enjoy time with more cultured girls.

Here is an escort working at Foxy Girls in Rotherham. She is from Polish heritage and speaks many languages.

Russia has the 9th largest population in the word. However, is the most common of nationalities for escorts. Once upon a time, all of the high class escorts in the world hailed from Russia. With the latest president himself saying “Russia has the best prostitutes”. There is a lot of suppression in this country and not much money to go around. Leaving a lot of people in poverty. Therefore, women become escorts. Also, coming over to Europe to do this, while hoping that they will meet someone and get a European passport too. 

The second most common nationality of an escort is indeed Chinese or of the Asian ethnic group at least. With this also being where most people are from. Having the largest population in the world. It stands to reason that each job is going to be exceptionally competitive. With hundreds of people applying at least, to any job position. It is understandable that these is going to be an exceptional amount of poverty, as well as money here. Therefore, you will find many women looking elsewhere for work and very often becoming escorts. Due to the amount of money they can make – Very often being more than what they can earn doing anything else.